Monday, January 08, 2007

Update mania....

This year's update... is gonna be life threathening to me if I do it... so.. stay tune...

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Cool Crush Trash Crash

Remember that obscene crush I had?? He's no longer listed... He's now just another techno junkie with a girlfriend that looks like she's a zombified human who hasn't sleep for a decade.... Reason for the change??


He teaches me... Introduction of microcomputers and information short it's a beginner guide to computers... It's in BM weirdly... I hate this course now... For the butchering of terms it does in BM.... I wanna die at the sight of it...

What the hell is... "Papan Ibu"??? Direct translation would be motherboard.. But... Haven't the term " Papan Induk " ever occur?? Among other horrendous disasterous translations... includes..

" Biat " <---------- Byte
" Pertanyaan " <--------- Querry
" kayu bedik " <--------- Pointer
" Main frame " <-------- Kerangka Utama
" Boot Sejuk " <-------- Cold Boot
" Beban ke bawah " <--------- transfering data from main frame to user ( forgot the term)



He's not cute any more!!!!!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Bone Crushing Finals

Oh my.. I so wanna throw up at the though of my finals is here... and I'm doomed like usual... No one's fault but mine.. with my slow absorbing, if not no absorbing brain cells... and Highly POOR, to the point of poverty time management... And I'm hooked on FlyFF....
What can I say?? I miss the old GUM-mer gaming together in Ragnarok days.... I wished everyone would join and we can all have fun again.. Unbias fun.... Me, the earthly creature really do think so....I gues I need some friends too... Sincere ones... Though it's suprising that my titanium encasted cardiac tissues still have some flesh in them.... I miss being able to have someone to talk to about everything... A boy friend can't do that... there's bound to be thing you can't talk to him about.. like things between you and him... that's where a friend comes in... where you can bitch all about your boyfriend and still am safe.... It works the other way around too if you want to bitch about your friend...

This is a desperate cry for F.R.I.E.N.D.S!!!!!


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